Cream Of Chicken Soup

IMG_6272Fall is the perfect season for soups! This is why fall is one of the best seasons, I can use my crock pot! Not only does it save time but it also speeds up the cooking process as in all I have to do is prep and let to crock pt do the rest!

First on my fall list is a dairy free cream of chicken soup!


1 cup or so sliced mushrooms

2 cans of coconut unsweetened

1 whole chicken

2 TBS coconut flour

1/4 cup sliced jalopenos

1 whole onion sliced

1 green bell pepper diced

6 TBS Italian seasoning

1 TBS sea salt

2 TBD ground pepper

1 TBD Paprika

1/2 cup water

Oil of your choosing

Crock Pot

Fill your crock pot with the 2 cans of coconut milk, flour, sliced jalopenos, mushrooms, onions, 4 TBS ItalianIMG_6266 seasonings, 1TBS ground pepper, 1 TBS sea salt, and 1/2 cup water. Mix together with a spoon.


Next brush on some oil on your chicken, sprinkle the rest of paprika, ground pepper, and the Italian seasonings. Remember to add some if the seasonings to the inside of the chicken. Place the chicken breast side down, turn your crock pot on high and let cook for at least 5 hours. It can cook longer. Once its down process the chicken by removing all the bones put the meat back in the crock pot stir and serve! It taste great with a slice of homemade garlic bread too!




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