About Cassandra

IMG_5183I am a city girl who loves having an urban farm! I have a lovely husband, one adorable puppy,  back yard chickens, and several gardens.

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with more food allergies then I ever thought one person could have. I had to change my whole life around so I could get healthy again and now its a breeze! I cook with fresh ingredients form my garden since I am allergic to the pesticide they use on none organic food, I also cook and bake gluten free and dairy free. I also stay away from refined sugars when I can, and don’t eat processes food. We have a saying its made in a plant don’t eat it but if it is a plant your all good!  IMG_4709

After eight years of practice and may many mistakes I am ready to share my successful dishes, homesteading tips and much more!

Happy Homesteading!


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